Associated Vessels

Winning Formula

As so often happens, when a winning formula is is discovered, other companies strive to emulate it, sometimes being equally successful in the process. Also, some companies already producing Nelsons and similar vessels wanted a brand of their own, using a Nelson or a specially commissioned Nelson type of hull. One such success story was Halmatic, who purchased one of its competitors, a Nelson builder called James & Caddy from Weymouth. James & Caddy already fitted out Tyler Boats and Halmatic Nelson GPR moulding - the Nelson 32, 34 and 45 before Halmatic purchased the company.

The name Weymouth was then adopted by Halmatic to cover a wide range of Nelson and Nelson-like vessels, many of which outwardly looked like Nelsons (and many of which were in fact Nelsons), but some of which had different design companies who produced designs for Halmatic and were therefore not technically a Nelson.

Most popular of these was the Weymouth 32 and 34 which were directly designed by John Askham for Halmatic - John originally drew the lines for the Nelson 40 / 42 whilst working for TT Boats Ltd.

Both the Weymouth 32 and the later 34 were produced by Halmatic to the same exact standards as any other Nelson vessel they produced, and were sold as part fit outs or complete vessels. These were very successful vessels - around 200 were produced. The Nelson 40 (/42) was also sold as part of the 'Weymouth Range' as well as a Weymouth 49 / 50 which was designed by Murray Cormack and Associates in Scotland. Murray Cormack also designed the North Gael 40 and North Kyle 45 (an extended 40)

The Weymouth 49 / 50 (also a Murray Cormack design) was also a successful vessel moulded by Halmatic - Bucklers Hard fitted out two vessels on these mouldings as recently as 2007, calling them Nelson 49's. TT Boats did the layout drawings for these very fine Vessels.