Nelson Boat Builders

Past and present Nelson Boat Builders

There have been, and indeed still are, a number of different companies that produce Nelson boats. Some companies produced bare mouldings that could be fitted out by other yards, some also fitted out their mouldings as well as selling bare hulls and superstructures for other yards to complete.

Past Builders and Moulders

Builder / Moulder



Keith Nelson & Co Ltd Bembridge, Isle of Wight Wood and GRP Nelsons
Halmatic Havant and Porchester Moulders and builders
James & Caddy / Weymouth Weymouth Purchased by Halmatic
Tyler Boats Rochester, Kent Moulders
Nelson Engineering Bembridge, Isle of Wight
Bucklers Hard Beaulieu, Hampshire Complete fit out and mould tool manufacturer
Watercraft Southampton Pilot boats built from Halmatic mouldings
Humber Boats Barnsley Fit out of Halmatic mouldings and John Askham 35
Rutherford's Liverpool Wooden Nelsons, built for Keith Nelson
Guernsey Boat Builders Guernsey
Landguard Marine Landguard, Shotley Point Fit out of Tyler Boats mouldings as well as their own mouldings
Plymouth Pilots Plymouth Fit out of Halmatic mouldings
Victory Marine Cowes, Isle of Wight Fit out of Nelson 45 and refits
Pichiotti Italy Nelson 45 MkII
Royal Huisman Vollentiove, Holland Super Yacht builders, fit out of Halmatic 42MkII
Atlantic Marine Harlingen, Holland Fit out of Nelson 42 MkII