TT Boat Designs Ltd.

Formation of the Company

Keith, Nelson and Company Limited was founded in 1955, followed by T.T. Boat Designs Limited in 1961. This brief history is intended to show what has been acheieved. Keith Butt and Arthur Nelson Compton, who became Foreman for Peter Thornycroft in 1955, employed a small boat building team working locally and built boats under the name Keith, Nelson; it was convenient to adopt this name and form a Limited Comapny. Hence the name Keith, Nelson And Company Limited was adopted for Peter Thornycroft's company.

It became appropriate from then on to use the name Nelson for the whole range of wooden and G.R.P craft designed by T.T. Boat Designs Limited in Bembridge. Originally the Design Company was to be "P.T. Boat Designs Limited", but name "T.T." was adopted when Peter Thornycroft's cousin, Roger Thornycroft, joined him for a short while and the company was registered as T.T. Boat Designs Limited.

TT Boat Designs have designed their renowned Nelson boats for a wide range of commercial and pleasure uses from 18' to 75', and many late eminent naval architects began their careers at TT Boat Designs Limited.

The Designers

Commander Peter Thornycroft - Designed the Nelson 32, 34 and 45

John Askham - Designed the Nelson 40 / 42, Weymouth 32 & 34 and later the Bullet series

Peter Collet - Designed the Nelson 70 & 75

Rolland Paxton

Arthur Mursell - The current Managing Director of TT Boat Designs Ltd - Seaview, Isle of Wight. Designed the Nelson 44, 42 MkII, 27 / 28, 35, 38, 33 & 113.

If you would like more information about TT Boat Designs Ltd, their website can be found at TT Boat Designs